Pastor Jon Meade - November 19, 2023

"Give Thanks" - Sunday Service 11/19/2023

"No one can force you to be thankful. Your parents can encourage you, but there is no guarantee. It is a choice. You can talk to your kids, you can model it, but nothing can force your kids to be thankful. A lot of times we take each other for granted at home. We have to learn what it looks like to express our gratitude, even before the feelings come. With the Holy Spirit in us, we can have a genuine gratitude and attitude in our lives. - "Give thanks in all circumstances" - why? "This is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." People want to know what God's will is, but it's God's will to give thanks in all circumstances... You are worshipping when your gratitude is pouring out of you. If I'm only listening and critiquing, I'm not worshipping. Your expression of gratitude to God is your worship. Worship happens when you are focusing on what God has done and it results in gratitude." - Pastor Jonathan Meade

From Series: "HisWay Bible Church Sermons"

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