Pastor Jon Meade - December 31, 2023

"Passing the Purpose Test" - Sunday Service 12/31/2023

In this message titled "Passing the Purpose Test," Pastor Jonathan Meade explores the concept of destiny and emphasizes the importance of aligning one's desires with God's plan. Drawing inspiration from the life of Joseph, who faced numerous challenges but remained faithful to his purpose, the message underscores the continuous involvement of God in shaping individuals for their intended roles. The video outlines practical steps for viewers to discover their purpose, emphasizing belief in God's intentional design, recognizing His control, discovering personal gifts, and staying faithful to God's direction. It stresses the need to actively use one's gifts rather than merely talking about them, cautioning against Satan's attempts to hinder believers from fulfilling their potential. The speaker also touches on the significance of life decisions, such as choosing a spouse, and encourages viewers to seek God's guidance in understanding their gifts and serving in 2024. Overall, the video inspires a proactive and faithful approach to discovering and fulfilling one's God-given purpose.

From Series: "HisWay Bible Church Sermons"

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